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Training Different Generations to Navigate Revenue Cycle Complexity

JESSE FORD, MBA   With revenue cycle complexity continuing to grow, there seems to be an endless need to keep staff up to speed and able to put best practices into play. Unfortunately, the vast array of payers, each with their own anomalies in claims responses, use of claims adjustment segment and remark codes and, often, differing terminology on their websites and in correspondence, make...

Care Transition to Skilled Nursing Facilities

DEREK MCLAREN   It is no secret that one of the bigger challenges facing hospitals in the world of value-based care is forging partnerships with skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and creating a system for care transitions that improves quality and minimizes hospital readmissions within 90 days of discharge. Hospitals require strong collaborations with SNFs and must be able to depend on them...

The Dangers of “Downcoding” in Emergency Medicine

KENNETH J. HEINRICH   For a hospital’s emergency department (ED), increasing financial efficiency largely depends on clinical throughput. By segmenting the ED visit into three parts—arrival, in-room, and disposition—healthcare finance leaders can begin to analyze the financial ramifications of specific process improvements that improve patient flow and enable better care to a higher volume...